About us

In Denmark tea from the plant Camellia sinensis is steadily increasing, and much is said and written about tea. Especially in relation to its possible disease prevention properties. Many have discovered that tea is much more than just that.To meet the increased awareness of tea, tea's natural and cultural history, its many types and forms of production and its health and taste qualities. Some of Denmark's leading retailers joined forces in 2014 and started the non-profit organization the Danish Tea Association (DTA).

This initiative was only a natural consequence of the increased focus on knowledge regarding quality food and gastronomic diversity that Denmark has experienced for some years, which is constantly experiencing new branches.The Danish Tea Association wants to be a pioneer in this development in relation to tea.

The DTA directors travel out into the world to gain knowledge, so that together we can form a platform for interested parties in Denmark. Private as well as traders with ambitions, and perhaps even help to create a completely unique Danish culture.

For us, tea is a lifestyle.

DTA's Goals

DTA's goal is to support the industry's retailers and tea enthusiasts. Through initiatives that support increased cooperation and provide information and inspiration around tea.

DTA's Vision

Create attention and professional cooperation around tea. Expand knowledge of tea, tea production and culture from around the world. Support an environmentally and economically sustainable production of tea. Promote understanding of tea's health properties.

The core of DTA's mission is to inspire and inform the outside world and its members about tea.

We want to assist the development of precise knowledge about tea through media campaigns, exhibitions, research, conferences, seminars, fairs, events, etc.

We believe that by sharing knowledge, stories, images and experiences, the interest in tea for the ordinary Dane will increase. Thus Increasing sales and promoting the community within the tea industry.

DTA's Values

DTA works to ensure that good tea is recognized on equal terms with other pleasurable products such as good wine and good coffee.Tea is a product that offers the same complexity and possibility of "Geekiness", like other gourmet and speciality foods.We find pleasure in knowing the terroir, the location of the tea garden, whether the tea is handmade, and which foods it pairs well with.We want others to be able to benefit from our many years of experience travelling to remote tea gardens and discovering genuine teas from our visits to the many tea producing countries.

The fact that people are inspired to drink good tea automatically entails an increased focus on how to value the earth it grows in. It provides an understanding of the conditions of the tea pickers and ultimately reflects back at oneself.The enjoyment of tea thus contains the big questions about how to relate to life. It is no coincidence that tea is the focal point of several of the philosophical directions. Our aim is to enable more people to discover these qualities by experiencing good tea.

DTA's Mission

To extend knowledge to its members who are retailers in the tea industry. Especially in relation to target groups of current and upcoming tea enthusiasts. As well as supporting the education of private enthusiasts in regards to tea, production and culture by sharing information and inspirational events.

In the long term, we want to create Europe's largest tea festival.Furthermore, we want to support an environmentally, and at the same time, economically sustainable production of tea in the tea producing countries. By participating in international conferences, guest visits and educational activities that have this as a theme.Finally, we also wish to promote the understanding of the health properties of tea - both from an eastern (TCM) and a more western medical point of view.

Our mission is to put expertise, international network as well as care and ethics at the forefront of trading and tea production.