Danish Tea Association

In Denmark, the consumption of speciality tea (products from the bush Camellia sinensis) is steadily increasing, and much is said and written about tea. Especially in relation to its possible disease prevention properties. Many have gradually discovered that tea is much more than just that. To meet the increased awareness of tea, the tea’s natural and cultural history, its many types and production methods as well as its health and taste qualities, some of Denmark’s leading authorities in the tea industry have joined forces in 2014 and started the Danish Tea Association (DTA).

Tea, a way of life

This initiative was a natural consequence of the increased focus on knowledge of quality food and gastronomic diversity, which Denmark has experienced for some years and which is constantly experiencing new branches. The Danish Tea Association is a pioneer in this development in relation to tea.
The association’s members travel to the corners of the world in search of knowledge so that together we can form a platform of tea plethora for enthusiasts, the hospitality industry as well as tea traders with ambitions, and maybe even create a very distinctive Danish culture.

Our vision

Our vision is for guests, at restaurants, cafés and similar establishments, to be offered a selection of loose-leaf specialty teas with delicate and complex aroma profiles instead of the ubiquitous tea bags. For businesses within the hospitality industry, to become aware of how to properly store, brew and serve tea, much to the delight of the tea-drinking customer. For tea businesses, to be able to sell a higher quality product so that Danes can enjoy specialty tea experiences in the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, we foresee that our association will provide a strong platform for tea-enthusiasts, so that we all can share our common appreciation for tea. For us this is interconnected: Satisfied customers mean a strong tea community and vice versa. At the end of the day, we all will benefit from better tea.

Our mission

Our mission is to spread the knowledge of specialty tea within the Danish public in order to increase the general understanding and its benefits. Furthermore, to support retailers by being the initiator of tea-activities and events targeting the general public, where retailers (who are members of the association) gain exposure to existing and future customers and tea-enthusiasts.
We aim to support environmentally and financially sustainable tea production and participate in international conferences and education activities dealing with these highly important issues.
Finally, we intend to participate in debates regarding the positive health benefits of tea, both from a western and an eastern point of view. We are closely associated with The Chinese Acupuncture Academy of Aarhus.
Specifically, we will conduct media campaigns, workshops, share knowledge and research, participate in international conferences, events, seminars and tradeshows. And finally, host the Tea Masters Cup Denmark, which is an annual international cup where tea masters compete within the 4 disciplines of tea-brewing, food-pairing, mixology and tea-tasting.

Our objective

Our goal is for the public to recognize and enjoy speciality tea in the same way specialty coffee and wine is being appreciated. In many ways, tea is more complex, as many are handcrafted and this craft deserves to be preserved.
The more artisan teas are recognized, the greater the selection of speciality teas will become available for everyone to enjoy – it’s as simple as that.

Our values

An appreciation of specialty tea automatically entails an increased focus on production, sustainability, soil conditions and environmental decline. But also, the working conditions of the many tea-pickers, who throughout history have been at a disadvantage. Tea is historically linked to existential philosophies about how to live your life and cannot be isolated from such issues.
We value professionalism, in depth of knowledge, quality and craft, international networking as well as care for its producers and the environment.

If you are interested in learning more about the Danish Tea Association, please get in contact with us at info@danishteaassociation.com